Love it or Loathe it, people are still expecting to be contoured as part of their makeover whether they know what this means or not.

Our 1 Day Workshop will explain the science behind hiaghlighting and shading. We will discuss face shapes and different products that could be used as well as what results you can expect from contouring.

What contouring really is, what it should be used for and when it should be used.

As well as showing you different techniques aimed at beauty makeovers, we will show you how to straighten a wonky nose and how to really bring those cheek bones out.

Low Res Hannah 2
low res Steph
Amy Prifti make-up


1 Day: 9.30am-3pm


31st March

6th Sept


Price: £150


  • shading
  • highlighting
  • contouring
  • blush
  • face shape correction
  • nose shape correction
  • eye shape correction
  • effects you can create using contouring the correct way

Please bring along your own make-up kit and brushes plus any particular equipment that you would like to use.