What separates us from other make-up schools? Your tutors are working make-up artists within the industry . You would be surprised to find out how many courses are offered by people who have never worked in the industry.  This is invaluable to you as a student as you will not only gain the most up-to-date knowledge but you will be able to network from day 1.


What qualification will I end up with? Now, let’s just make this clear – ‘you do not need a qualification to become a make-up artist, you need a great portfolio and experience’. On completion of any of our courses, we will supply you with the Sussex Make-up Academy Certificate with an outline of your course content.  This is your qualification on paper although potential employers will want to see your portfolio and proof of work experience. As working make-up artists, we know that the most important tool that we can provide you with is not a qualification, but a portfolio.


I’ve finished my course, where do I go from here? It is important that you understand that it takes hard work just to get established in this highly competitive industry.  The more you put in, the more you get out. We cannot promise that you will have a career as a make-up artist, that bit is down to you, but what we do promise you is that we are here to support your next move and make that transition from student to working make-up artist.  We believe in giving every single student as much opportunity as possible to achieve success. This will include work shadowing, work experience, a portfolio and we will put your name forward for suitable jobs that come our way so that you can carrying on gaining experience and adding to your portfolio.


How do I know that SMA is the right make-up school for me? We only take on students who are serious about a career in make-up artistry.  We put a lot of time and investment in to each of our students to be able to provide you with all the tools to become a successful make-up artist. All potential students are subject to an interview so that we can make sure that your money will be well spent by attending a course with us.  We also want to make sure that you enroll on the correct course for you.