Whether you work in Theatre, Television or Film you need to know how to prepare, knot and style out facial hair and wigs as well as how to clean them through.  This course will refresh or introduce you to wig knotting so that you can turn your hand to it if expected of you.


Quite often when you work within smaller Theatre’s you will be expected to provide wigs, make-up and costume.  This course will help you with the wig knotting process and how to maintain wigs and facial hair.


Please note that this is not a substitute for a professional wig making training course for which I would highly recommend Barbara Burrows at the Wig Academy, Eastbourne However, if you would like an introduction to knotting to see if it is ‘your thing’ then we welcome you to attend.

wig fitting


2 Days: 9.30am-3pm


27th to 28th June

14th to 15th November


Price: £250


  • blocking up a wig
  • knotting skills
  • moustache
  • sideburns
  • beard
  • front lace
  • wig maintenance
  • wig cleaning

All materials are provided.  If you do have any wig making materials yourself please feel free to bring them along.