Part time make-up courses in Sussex & Kent

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Being sat at the computer on a Sunday night has reminded me of all those Sunday evening blues I used to get, back in my desk job days, dreading Monday and dreaming of a better job far far away from any office. Far too much wine was drunk and I was pretty grumpy the next day.
So I decided to give something else a try, just for fun to start with. I took a short course like the one’s now offered at the Sussex Make-up Academy, fitting it around my day job and it gave me the confidence to train full-time and follow a career into television and film.

Over 12 years later, I have high profile clients such as Topshop and Royal Opera House, I work the Glyndebourne Festival, run my own successful wedding business and run numerous workshops in the area. It’s taken a while and I’ve worked really hard but it’s totally possible.
The beauty of our part time courses is that you can try out professional training at affordable prices and decide whether it’s the right thing for you or not before moving onto more specialised training and spending lots of money. If you do decide to extend your training, you will be helped and supported along the way in setting up your own business or finding those elusive jobs, something that never happened ‘in my day’ as everyone was so paranoid about the competition!

Amy is a mum (to boys –  only needed at Halloween!) and  really feels passionate about flexible, creative and fun work that really does fit around family life, school drops offs, pick-ups, clubs etc etc…

If this is something that interests you, do get in touch. We can meet for a coffee (and cake!) to discuss things further or you can email us or call 07906 393 807
All the best Amy x

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  • glitter wine

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

    • SMA

      Thank you for commenting. It is appreciated 🙂

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