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Newhaven Zombies

On 2nd July Amy took along five Make-up students to create 40 zombies for this successful event. Our team thoroughly enjoyed making up all the zombies who were place strategically around the fort to scare off the runners!

Apparently we created ‘the best zombies ever!’ and was particularly proud of our ‘King Zombie’

Thank you to Nicola Parsons, Lalaine Forgham, Sadie Keet, Leanne Heraty, Libby Furminger and  Nadine Driver for making up our team.

Newhaven Zombie Run

Photo’s of this event can be viewed here Newhaven Zombie Run July 2016

We have been asked to attend this event again in October with a team of make-up artists to do it all over again.  Let us know if you would like to be a member of our team.

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