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Following working with Eurosport at the Aegon Tennis is Eastbourne last year, Sussex Make-up academy was invited back to work, providing hair and make-up for Eurosport Presenter’s in 2017.

This year, we offered the work placement to past student Suzanne Walker and are happy to report back that she did an amazing job and thoroughly enjoyed her time working with the presenter’s and crew and has even found a new passion for tennis!

Aegon Tennis

This year we was invited to cover the entire six days that the tennis was on, working with the presenters, doing their hair and make-up and making sure that they are ‘camera ready’ at all times.


We worked with four presenters this year – Rob Curling, Annabel Croft, Marion Bartoli and Myles Maclagan.


Baring in mind that this is live TV and that it seems to rain quite a lot whenever the tennis is on, our main challenges varied between red sunburnt noses and wet faces for the men, frizzy hair for the woman and making sure that the make-up doesn’t run wit the rain!

Marion Bartoli
Rob Curling
Marion Bartoli
Rob Curling

As well as working with the fabulous presenter’s, we get to work with a fantastic crew who made us feel extremely welcome and really helped Suzanne when it came to filming times and location.


Our set up was beside centre court which was extremely exciting.  In between filming we got to watch tennis players including Johanna Konta and Novak Djokovic win.

Novak Djokovic

It was really good to work with Marion Bartoli again this year and see how much healthier she was.


Who knows what will happen next year – the contract for Eurosport is up and they have to win it back before we know if we will get another chance to take students to work on the tennis next yer.  We really hope this is something that happens as it is great experience and exposure for our students.

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