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Last week Sussex Make-up Academy received one of its more random calls; Producer of Heart Sussex FM, Brian Noon was on the phone with a ‘brainwave’.  Brian asked if Sussex Make-up Academy could turn up on Friday morning and create a body paint on him live, whilst the show was airing.  This was in aid of ‘wear no clothes to work day’  – Who even knew this day existed?!

Brian ended the call by saying that he was only brave enough to go top half naked and not the full hog, much to relieved sounds all round.

Heart fm
Heart Sussex
Heart Sussex
Heart FM

We fully embraced the task, made a few suggestions of body painting ideas and created a mood board to send him.  This included Disney, Animals, Cosmic, Creative, Day of the Dead and more.  24 hours later Brian was in touch again asking for an open shirt and the muscly body he had always dreamed of.  And so it was agreed.

The show itself starts at 6am and they wanted the body paint to be completed by 8.30am so that Brian could brave the cold outside and be set a series of challenges by his colleagues. This would be broadcast live on radio and filmed as a timelapse as well as Brian taking to the streets.

Heart Sussex
Heart Sussex
Heart Sussex
Heart Sussex

As well as a bit of fun and an opportunity for local promotion we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for some past students to get creative, do something different and have some fun.  Luckily  Emma Olliff and Francesca Roach agreed!


Heart Sussex goes live at 6am and they wanted Brian walking the streets of Brighton by 8.30am so they had half an hours worth of coverage that they could play out to listeners. Therefore we decided to make a start at 5am so that we didn’t feel too rushed creating this type of look.


Alarms didn’t look too great being set for 4.15am.

All in all, we had a great morning.  Brian was such a great sport and we really appreciated Heart Sussex doing a shout out for Sussex Make-up Academy every time they were on air.  If you managed to tune in, you would have heard Amy speaking a few times about any problem areas we had creating this body paint.  Included was Brian’s body being so pale and pasty that white paint wouldn’t show up on it, therefore we had to make him a darker colour all over to begin with so that we could add light and shade later.  It also did get picked up that we was trying to create a six pack on a pot belly (nicknamed bacon baby) but hey, we love a challenge!

You can view video’s of Brian’s challenges on the heart Sussex facebook page.

Huge thanks to hair and make-up artist Emma Olliff – and Make-up Artist Francesca Roach –

Until next time


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