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On the 18th of May, Sussex Make-up Academy organised a photoshoot for our past students in a professional studio located in Brighton. 6 make-up and hair artists created beautiful looks on our 5 lovely models: Shannon Page, Jade Lyon, Emily Stoner, Cathleen Voysey and Alice Webb. This professional photoshoot was organised by principal Amy Prifti to allow working Hair & Make-up artist’s to develop their business thanks to beautiful and impressive shots of their work. This kind of opportunity is part of Sussex Make-up Academy’s aftercare.


So, how does this kind of event benefit our past students?
The reason why Amy decided to create this photoshoot was to help her past students to develop their business by providing them with advertising material in the form of professional shots for their portfolio’s. Of course you can advertise your business with pictures taken from your phone nowadays, but nothing will ever top the quality of a professional picture taken in a studio, by a professional photographer with a professional model. These “WOW” shoots will give credibility to your business, as well as showing your skills to your clients, you will be able to show that you are a serious professional. This photoshoot can also be a first experience for make-up artists considering doing business in the fashion and editorial field, it will help them to get used to the rush and difficulties that everyone encounters during this kind of day.
Professional pictures of your work are essential for your business, whether you use them on your website, social media, business cards, banner and more. They will become the face of your business, the picture that will attract your customers. Everyone is impressed by quality content such as professional pictures, and this can lead to new customers that will finally give their trust to you and your skills. It is a way of proving yourself and what you are capable of.
But in what way it is beneficial for us, as a training school? To make things clear, we are not making any money from this photoshoot. On the contrary, unfortunately for us, we are more likely to lose money because organising this event takes a lot of time  that could have been used to focus on our own business. Finding models, a photographer, a studio, organising the schedule, what everyone is doing and when, all of this takes time that we do not charge for. But we are more than happy to do this for our student’s as we believe that investing in our student’s career is part of Sussex Make-up Academy ethics. It is essential to follow and help past students to develop their business as much as possible. Even if this shoot is not made to advertise SMA, it might give us a bit of visibility on the current market because everything was organised by principal Amy Prifti, and people will find out that we are offering such opportunities.


We offer a few different set ups for our photoshoots so that our student’s have a choice as to what they would like to be a part of.

The 18th was about getting that ‘WOW’ shot, the one that show’s off their skills, the one that is the vision of their business.  This is the most expensive photoshoot that you can arrange and everyone needs to be paid.  You need to work with professional’s who all understand their job which in turn keeps everything to working schedule and provides you with the shot’s you are paying for.  Expect to be paying for a studio, photographer, models plus any accessories and editing to give yourself the best shots you can.  Shooting in a studio is a ‘controlled shoot’ where we can focus on lighting, mood, reflection plus more.  This type of shoot is likely to cost a minimum of £1000.00 so you want to make the most of it which means lot’s of planning and organising beforehand and showing up on the day knowing exactly what you want to achieve.


Please note, this cost doesn’t include edited photos and you have the option to pay for edited photos which costs between £30 and £50 per image.


When organising a photoshoot it is really important to consider who you are working with. If you except a high quality result, you need to work with high quality professionals. From photographers to models, it is essential to know who you are working with and check their previous work before booking them. That may sound like common sense to most people, but it is easy to fall into the trap of a beautiful face.  Bare in mind that model might not be experienced or know their craft.  It is always best to check references.  You don’t want to end up with the majority of your time on a shoot spent on either a model trying to warm up or trying different expressions or poses, just as you don’t want your time spent by the photographer trying out different light / background set ups to try and get the image to work. It is really important to check portfolios before booking anyone, keep in mind that your model must be versatile and be able to pull off different kind of styles, from bridal to creative or more edgy ones. Also check their facial expressions to make sure this is varied.  When looking at a photographer, once again look at their portfolio, take up references and love their work – You are only as good as your worst photo.  If there are badly lit photos or bad quality photos ask why.

We are really excited to share the results of this photoshoot over the upcoming weeks and will pop them all in a blog post for you to view soon.
Take a look at our Agency and Aftercare page to see all opportunities that Sussex Make-up Academy are offering to its past students.

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