Public Liability Insurance & Make-up Brand Discounts

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Two  popular questions we get asked by people considering learning with Sussex Make-up Academy are;

  1. Will I be able to get Public Liability Insurance once I have completed a course with you?
  2. What discounts can I get from Make-up Brands?

make-up artist public liability insurance
Markie Pearl

Regarding Public Liability Insurance, YES, you will be able to get this with insurance companies.

We don’t recommend a preferred supplier as it is up to you to do your research and look into what is covered in your insurance.  You might look into kit cover, whether your kit is protected whilst left in your car, whether your kit is protected if it is taken from your house (this can also be included in your home contents insurance so do make sure you check first)

You might just want public liability insurance on anyone you work on / with.  You might need to look into whether you are covered if you carry out treatments at home as well as other people’s houses.

We strongly recommend that you have Public Liability Insurance and you need to make sure everything that is covered to make sure that you are paying out for the correct cover (what’s the point to paying for something if it is invalid if ever a claim was to arise?)

We have seen a crackdown with insurance companies over the past few years where they are wanting your certificate to have an accrediting body attached to it and some public liability insurers are declining certificates that don’t have this on it – It is one of the reasons why we decided it was important to become an accredited training school, to make your lives easier.

In the past, we have used Salon Gold and we are currently insured with The Guild (The body that we are accredited with)  We are able to offer a £10 discount code for anyone who has trained with us and are looking for public liability insurance.  Just make sure you compare prices and cover.

Make-up Kit
Charlotte Tilbury

On to the make-up brand discounts…

Principal Amy Prifti has spent 23 years working as a make-up artist and she never applied for a discount from make-up brands.  What’s the reason for this? “Too busy” and “Not a priority”

Amy has always been happy to buy products at full price as she makes an income from what she does and that covers the costs of her products.  Saying that, she did look into getting a discount a few times but each brand seemed to ask for so much information and wanted an extensive form to be filled out that she felt her time was better off spent on her business rather that applying for discounts.

Check out what Amy has to say on the matter by watching her video on the right.

Because so many people inquired about make-up brand discounts, we decided we should look into applying to find out what is available, how achievable this is and what service you get from each brand.

Watch our video to see what products we was sent.


We’re sure there are plenty more professional brands who offer discounts out there but just haven’t got around to finding them / applying to them yet.

In most cases, companies wanted proof that we are a working make-up artist.  Some companies asked for proof of your training in the form of a certificate, others asked for a website and business card.  Some brands wanted tear sheets and television / film credits.

Don’t be put off by what c0mpanies ask for.  If you can’t supply what the require and are a working make-up artist, you should have plenty of material to show this too them.  You can supply them with your facebook business page, your instagram account, your website and photos of your portfolio.  In most cases, if you are a wedding make-up artist, it might not be likely that you have a tear sheet or credits in a magazine / TV / Film.  It is down to you to show that you are a working make-up artist and there shouldn’t be a problem receiving your professional discount card.

Please let us know what brands you like using or what discount / pro schemes you are a part of.

See you soon, Amy and the Sussex Make-up Academy team

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