My Top 10 Tips for getting ahead in the Wedding Industry

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End of the wedding season? We don’t think so!

Weddings happen throughout the year with many people getting married in any month.
If you have a wedding business, you will probably see a surge of weddings throughout June, July and August and must feel like you’ve run a marathon 10 times over – Well done you.

Wedding season seems to slow down in Autumn (well, compared to August anyhow) so you still might have a wedding every weekend until the rest of the year but you also need to start about booking in weddings for the next couple of years so you don’t have that start of year panic of ‘I have no weddings booked in’ and ‘how am I going to financially survive?’

It’s time to work your magic to make sure people know who you are, what you do, where you’re based and that ‘they NEED you’

Here are my Top Ten Tips for getting ahead in the wedding industry;

1. Approach your brides

Approach all brides from this year and ask if they can kindly send you some professional photos from their wedding day.  Make sure you ask permission to use them on your website and social media channels. from both the bride and the photographer.  Nothing beats a professional shot of your bride rather than that snap-shot you took on your phone.

2. Wedding fairs

Start thinking about wedding fairs and consider whether these will benefit your business or not (read my blog post on wedding fair tips here) We tend to find that Autumn/Winter wedding fairs are more successful than Spring wedding fairs in terms of bookings but make sure you do your research.

3. Contact venues

Contact venues that you worked in this year.  Get in touch, introduce yourself, let them know which weddings you were a part of and ask if they have a ‘recommended suppliers list’ that they give to all potential brides.  If so, can you be on that list? We receive many enquiries from brides who were given suppliers lists from their wedding venue. You need to build a relationship with them. Visit the venue, meet the wedding planner in person and show them some of your work.  It is good to support your venues back by promoting them on your social media or paying to attend wedding fairs at that venue.

4. Get in touch with Suppliers

Get in touch with suppliers.  Be it florists, wedding dress shops, photographers, quite frankly anyone who has a wedding business.  Network and build relationships. Suppliers will quite often be asked to recommend each other and if your name always crops up, you will get the work.  This also takes time to build relationships but is definitely worthwhile putting the effort in for the outcome
tv media
Bridal make-up

5. Social Media Platforms

Start thinking how you can reach potential brides with the tools you already have.  Social media – Is it up to date? Are you using the correct hashtags? Are you using your stories? Is it time to promote some ads to reach new customers? If you do decide to pay for sponsored ads, will it direct your customers to where you want them to go?

6. Your Website

It is important to keep your website updated with new weddings all the time, this shows that you are a working make-up artist.  It also shows that your website is active which improves results with search engines. You also need to look at the back end of your website and check your SEO – are you using the correct words to attract your customers?

7. Awards

Autumn time is when you will get loads of emails from award companies wanting you to apply for their awards. A few things to think about; Cost – can you afford to / not to enter these awards? What will entering mean to you if you do go through to the finals, or win? Will being able to use their badge on your website validate you as a hair and make-up artist? Will it impress future brides? Awards mean different things to different people.  For some, it can be rewarding and a pat on the back, for others it is just a company wanting to make money off you. Ask for advice from others and weigh up whether you feel it would be beneficial to your business or not.

8. Your prices

Time to look at your prices and see if you need to put them up for next year.  Remember, you have another year of experience, your brides have all been happy with the service you provided.  Are you happy with your prices? Or do they need to be raised? Have you considered ALL your costs? (including doing all the work I have written here which will take you weeks, possible months of unpaid time) Your prices should reflect your ability, your training, your products, your reliability plus more.

9. Networking

Never see people doing the same job as you as competition.  Always connect with other hair and make-up artists.  We all have the same problems and two heads are always better than one! Network, ask advice, support, pass work on to each other. Assist each other, help each other. Arrange meeting up, share your problems and help find solutions.  Share your experiences and get them to share theirs.  Don’t be precious with your information.  This is a wonderful way to not only get more work, but to build your connections.  It will also help make you feel  that you’re not always a one man band.

10. Lastly, word of mouth speaks wonders

All those brides you have had the pleasure of meeting this year? They all had quite a lot of guests at their wedding.  These guests will quite often ask the bride who did their hair and make-up and will pointed in your direction. This happens naturally so let your work speak for itself.

Our next bridal make-up masterclass runs on Friday 21st September.  There’s still space left to book on.  Find out more information about this masterclass and future dates  Click Here

I’m hoping these tips and tricks will help you get organised for the ‘quieter’ season and will help you get those bookings rolling in for next year. Please let me know what you find does and doesn’t work for you.

Have a good Autumn everyone, all the best 


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